Installing VTScada

By Jeff MacKinnon, P.Eng., PE

Compared to a lot of industrial software VTScada is very easy to install and get started with.

A few years ago I went through the process for a client to figure out what was the best solution for their company. I choose VTScada and have NEVER regretted that decision.

Where to get the download

The download for VTScada is very small, only 180MB and its a single file. To download you can click here or go to their website.


I like to install the latest version in the default folder, and then keep older versions in custom folders as needed.

The installation process is pretty straightforward, but if you have any issues let me know on twitter or in the comments and I will help you out.

If you don't have a license, use the free VTSCADALight license. It gets you everything you need to get going.

Once its installed

Once you have the latest version installed it will look something like this. Version 12 includes the ability to create lists of the applications.


I have four lists:

These allow me to keep the application screen clean and keep track of what I'm currently working on.


Creating a new application

Creating a new application is straightforward. When you are starting from scratch you click the hamburger in the top left hand corner and then add new application.


The Quick add feature will allow you to get started right away with an brand new, clean application.


If there you need something a bit more complicated, you have Advanced. From there you can create an application from a backup, or changeset. If you want to create a brand new application you can clone it from a changeset, and finally, if you are on the same network you can get from workstation.


I use all of these from time to time, when I land on site and am ready to install on the client's server I almost always use get from workstation. The workstation being my development laptop that I have with me.

Naming Matters

Make sure you name the application something you are going to like. That is what the folder is going to be named by default.


And that's it.

You've installed VTScada and are ready to build your first project at home, or maybe just monitor your hydroelectric station.