Have you ordered your equipment yet?

By Jeff MacKinnon, P.Eng., PE


It is the end of January, and depending on your project it may be already too late to construct that project this year. If you are reading this and thinking that, well its different "here", I'm here to say, "have you talked to your suppliers lately?".

The reason is that I have current projects/clients in 4 US states, 3 Canadian provinces and one in the EU, and the typical lead time has increased from 10% to 200% from what I would expect. Switchgear and transformers are the typically the worse than some active components like PV inverters, but just one of these items will drive the critical path.

For example, in September I recieved a quote for padmount transformers that was 40weeks from the fastest (assuming an order qty of 10), up to 110wks from another vendor. Today that "fast" suppliers times have increased, but the top end is softening a bit.

For switchboards and switchgear there is a range from vendors not taking orders, at least one off orders, to 30weeks.

Even with the optimistic looking 30wks this will put projects that need to be online in this calendar (or fiscal) year at risk if they haven't been purchased yet.

There may be options

If you have a project that is scheduled to be completed this year, and what you have read above scares you, there may be options.

Schedule a call with me if you would like to discuss your project and see how I can help make sure it is a success; it may take making decisions earlier than you typically do, but I can help you walk through those procurement hurdles.