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How would your career look if you had coffee with a colleague or mentor every week to discuss the world of smart grid and electrical safety? A trusted ally who can help you figure out your next move on the path to success?

It may be like my newsletter. Its the best work I do every week, and its free.

It's me, Jeff MacKinnon

The best work I do.

Every Monday morning I send a letter direct to your inbox about something that I was thinking about, a problem and how I solved it, or a article I read and my thoughts.

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Smart Grid and Electrical Safety

The main areas that I practice in are Smart Grid, with an extra focus on microgrids and Electrical Safety. Most weeks the subject of the newsletter will be around those areas.

During the first couple of weeks you will get a series of welcome emails introducing myself and my JMK Engineering practice.

There will be opportunity to join subject specific email lists.

These emails are on specific topics and are sent once a week on:

  • Electrical Safety program Development
  • What is Smart Grid

I'm at the other end

It's me, Jeff MacKinnon

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