JMK Engineering provides a wide range of services to ensure your projects are executed in an effective manner. We work with you to develop a comprehensive scope of services to best serve the project at hand and ensure business success.

Power System Studies

We have extensive experience with performing electrical power system studies in North and South America.

We have the capacity to perform a wide variety of power system studies and focus most of our time on:

  • AC and DC Arc Flash Study
  • Short Circuit Study and
  • Protection Coordination Study

Arc Flash Study

PV Solar System Design

There are a lot of ways to design a PV Solar System, but before you can start there you need to understand the resource availability and how it compares to the load (for microgrid or off-grid systems) or the revenue opportunity via a power purchase agreement (PPA) or other open market.

To help understand the resource, and to provide a starting point to determine the capital expenditure to develop that resource, we use PVSYST. PVSYST is one of the most bankable energy modelling software packages available for PV solar installations.

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is a complex topic and we strive to help you understand it in plain language. Along with general education we focus on developing Arc Flash Analysis Reports that people can use.

Project / Owners' Expert

For development projects when you need an expert on your side fo the table, we have specialized expertise working in

  • hydroelectric projects from 250kW to 90MW,
  • PV Solar design,
  • Heavy industrial such as portland cement plant or material handling

We can help you with detailed project management, scope development for contractors, project analysis, and more.

Project Definition

We like to get involved in a project at a very early stage in the project lifecycle to lend our experience to help you define the best project to meet the business goals. This definition will include the:

  • goals for the project, financial, quality and schedule
  • metrics for success
  • division of labour (internal vs external)

This is the start of our project (or engineering) narrative and will be used throughout the decision making process of the project.

Scope Development

Once the project has been well defined, it can be broken into manageable chunks. For small projects like a simple power system analysis, or a motor upgrade there will be only one or two, but for a large program the scope will be very detailed.

We will work with you and provide any level of project management assistance you need to ensure the project success which is determined by meeting all the goals set out in the project definition.

The final part of the scope development is the creation of the RFPs. These can be used to go public, invited bid, etc. But without a detailed RFP the proposal and bids that you receive will not necessarily help you meet the goals in the Project Definition Stage.

Working with JMK Engineering

If you are interested in working with us we can be contacted by phone at (902) 237-9984 or you can email us at our contact page

Last updated: Wed 06 July 2022